“I Feature Business Leaders On My Exclusive TV Segments That Are Seen In 180+ TV Markets & I Create Best Selling Authors"
"I am the CEO that CEO's call when they want to become the "Celebrity" in their industry with my proprietary TV publicity and publishing program!"
Just 1 National TV appearance can change the fortunes of a company or person overnight...just look at Shark Tank! 
"Our exclusive business segment airs in over 180 TV markets across the country, reaching more than 95 million households, including the top 3 TV markets in the country, NY, LA, and Chicago, and the #8 TV market, Atlanta, and a bunch of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, local network stations." 
-TC Bradley
"The “Celebrity Specialist” always dominates any market and it’s the fastest way to rapidly grow any business and naturally attract high ticket clients, command higher fees, speaking engagements, media appearances, and having a waiting list for your services. 

No other marketing strategy comes close!

Your next step to schedule a brief 30 minute call with me personally.

This is a CEO to CEO call only.

I still enjoy doing these calls which I  why I still do them personally.

So you will not be talking to some high pressure comissioned salesperson, but actually to a CEO just like you, that has the blueprint, and has done it first for himself, BEFORE I ever did it for a client.

If I decide to take you on as a client, this call will be the BEST 30 minute call of your business career, so please treat this call with the respect it deserves.

I will say this, if you are playing small and want to stay playing small, then I am not your guy.

This is "next level marketing" at the highest level.

I can deliver with 100% certainity what I say that I can deliver.

The only unknown factor at this point is you.

Let's change that right now with you scheduling some time with me.

Talk soon!  
- TC Bradley
TC Bradley
CEO and Founder
Instant Celebrity Status ®
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